Alzheimer Europe

Alzheimer Europe brings in unique experience from two perspectives. In the first place they represent the patient perspective and bring in extensive expertise in the field of qualitative research and ethical issues. In the second place, AE is a lobbying organisation promoting dementia awareness, care and research within the EU. As such they have major impact on policymakers at the European level and can contribute to the efficient dissemination and communication of the results of the project.

Mr Jean Georges

Mr Jean Georges is the Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe. Before joining the organisation on 1 November 1996, he worked as a journalist and as a parliamentary assistant to members of the Luxembourg and European Parliament. As Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe, he coordinated the various projects of the organisation, including the EuroCoDe project and represented the organisation in other organisations, including the Patient and Consumer Working Party of the European Medicines Agency. Jean is also the co-leader of WP6 (Dissemination and communication) of the EPAD project.

Dr. Dianne Gove

Dr. Dianne Gove has been working for Alzheimer Europe since 1996, and she is currently Director for Projects. After completing an Honours Degree in Psychology, she obtained MAs in Education and Psychoanalysis and then trained as an analytical Gestalt therapist. In 2013, she was awarded a PhD for her research exploring GPs’ perceptions of dementia and how these relate to stigma and timely diagnosis. She is Chair of Alzheimer Europe’s ethics working groups which is currently exploring ethical issues linked to the recognition of dementia as a disability.

Dr. Cindy Birck

Dr. Cindy Birck joined Alzheimer Europe on January 2017 as a Project Officer. In 2016, Cindy was successfully awarded the title of Doctor in Biology for her PhD thesis entitled “Astrocyte phenotype during differentiation: implication of the NFkB pathway”. She collaborates in different European research projects supported by Alzheimer Europe such as EPAD and AMYPAD. In addition, Cindy develops and updates the Alzheimer Europe database on clinical trials in Europe.