University of Sussex

At Brighton and Sussex Medical School our primary care and health services research activity brings together a wide range of disciplines such as general practice, public health, epidemiology, statistics, psychology and sociology, to address clinical and healthcare challenges. We offer strong methodological skills in both quantitative and qualitative approaches, in particular health outcome measurement, pragmatic community-based randomised control trials and analysis of large data sets. Our priority research areas include mental health (including dementia), sexually transmitted diseases and cancer, as these are increasing with unmet patient needs. We have links with over 200 general practices around Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

Harm van Marwijk

Harm van Marwijk is a clinician, researcher, teacher and innovator. He is Professor of General Practice at the Division of Primary Care and Public Health, BSMS. He is particularly interested in connectedness, and this concept is a core value in Harm’s practice, in his teaching, and in his research. Harm believes that connections are necessary for all aspects of medical practice, including dealing with a patient’s symptoms, making a diagnosis, and managing a consultation and practice. These three elements need to be connected to one another given the mix of diverse, increasingly well-informed and frail patients that a general practitioner comes into contact. Harm will lead the work around end-user adaptation of the platform to the UK context and will co-lead the British part of the randomised controlled trial with Cambridge.

Shanu Sadhwani

Shanu Sadhwani is Research Fellow in behavioural medicine, at the Division of Primary Care and Public Health, at Brighton & Sussex Medical School. She is particularly interested in: the mental health and wellbeing of the elderly; in narratives of healthy aging; and in patient help-seeking. Shanu will be closely involved in the end-user adaptation of the mHealth platform and will be involved in the pilot and subsequent randomised controlled trial in the Sussex area.