Vital Health Software

Vital Health Software (VHS) is the current market leader for Disease Management eHealth solutions in the European, Asian and American market. The VitalHealth Platform is designed with features and functions specifically applicable to healthcare. This includes integration capabilities to other systems based on industry interoperability standards, generic functionality applicable to a medical record, context aware storage of data, support for a variety of coding systems, and templates for creating multiple applications. Over the last years, VHS successfully developed the HATICE internet platform that will be implemented in the PRODEMOS study. In collaboration with a the Chinese SME for software developmentComvee, China Unicom and the Chinese Centre for Disease Control (CDC), previously, it was involved in the development and implementation of an mHealth platform for lifestyle self-management of Chinese diabetics and their family carers.

Bram van de Groep has over 25 years extensive experience in different IT roles (Business development, Product management, Project management, Development) and IT disciplines (e.g: EMR, mHealth, ERP, CRM, Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence). As business development consultant responsible to identify & support new business opportunities in Health Care IT. He was WP leader representing VitalHealth to develop the HATICE eHealth Intervention Platform.