The UMR1027 research unit entitled “Risks, Chronic Diseases and Disability” is jointly affiliated to both INSERM (the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research) and the University of Toulouse. The team involved in PRODEMOS is led by Prof. Sandrine Andrieu and will support the present study through the unique experience developed over the years in designing multi-domain intervention trials for the prevention of dementia, and previous work on determinants of adherence and non-response and validation of outcome measures. The team works in close collaboration with the Toulouse University Hosptial, notably the Clinical Research Methodology Unit, and the Toulouse Gerontopole (headed by Professor Bruno Vellas), and results from their research activities are highly clinically-oriented, allowing their easy and direct implementation into daily clinical practice and, in general, to public health.

Sandrine Andrieu

Sandrine Andrieu (M.D, PhD) is a Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the Toulouse University School of Medicine and the current president of the French Society for Geriatrics and Gerontology. She has been the head of the INSERM – Toulouse University UMR1027 research Unit on “Risks, Chronic Diseases and Disability” and of the “Ageing and Alzheimer Disease” research team within the unit since 2011. She is also head of Toulouse University Hospital’s Clinical Research Methodology Unit, and is responsible for methodological aspects of trials in the field of aging. She has published more than 220 international papers and book chapters on aging, and has been involved in numerous large intervention trials, including the PLASA, GuidAge, MAPT and HATICE studies, as well as large cohort studies of Alzheimer Disease patients (ICTUS, She is currently supervising 4 PhD students. In PRODEMOS, she is work package leader for WP2.

Nicola Coley

Nicola Coley (PhD) is an epidemiologist working in the field of Alzheimer’s disease clinical research at the INSERM-Toulouse University UMR1027 research unit and Toulouse University Hospital. Her research focuses on the methodology of Alzheimer’s disease prevention trials, including validation of outcome measures, adherence and selection bias, and data analysis techniques. She has published over 40 international peer-reviewed papers and book chapters. She previously collaborated on the French GuidAge and MAPT prevention trials, as well as the European HATICE and MIND-AD studies, as part of the European Dementia Prevention Initiative. In PRODEMOS, she is coordinating WP2, and will be conducting analyses to identify determinants of adherence in eHealth prevention trials, and establish the optimal outcome measure for the PRODEMOS trial.

Caroline Giulioli

Caroline Giulioli (PhD) is a psychologist specialised in aging and public health. She is a post-doc in the “Aging and Alzheimer disease: from observation to intervention” team in the INSERM-Toulouse University UMR1027 research unit. She obtained her PhD in 2017 entitled “Cognitive functioning and dementia in the oldest old” in the Bordeaux Population Health research center in the “Psychoepidemiology of aging and chronic diseases” team. She is especially interested in cognitive aging and neuropsychological assessment in clinical trials. She also maintains a clinical activity. In PRODEMOS, she will be involved in systematic reviews for WP2.