University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge has long-standing expertise on public health, ageing and the brain which is pivotal for translating the findings and conclusions from PRODEMOS into health care policy. Professor Carol Brayne leads the Department of Public Health and Primary Care, She is the lead principal investigator in the group of Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies (CFAS) which have been ongoing since 1990 and are amongst the major international longitudinal studies of health and cognitive function of older people; The CFA Studies have informed and continue to inform national policy and provide the basis for the notion that 30% of all dementia is attributable to potentially modifiable risk factors.

Professor Carol Brayne is the Director of the Cambridge Institute of Public Health at the University of Cambridge and in the Department of Public Health. She is a medically qualified epidemiologist and public health academic. Carols primary research focuses on Public Health, Ageing and the Brain and she is the lead Principal Investigator for the Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies which have played a vital role in informing national policy and the scientific understanding of dementia in whole populations.
Carol is a co-investigator in the PRODEMOS grant. She leads the Dissemination, Communication, Exploitation and Policy workpackage (WP7) and will oversee the recruitment of trial participants in the Cambridgeshire district (WP5).